‘Improve speed’ Videos

  • Teresa Rosche OTT : Fearless Speed: Low-Tech Tips & Tactics for Preventing (or Fixing) A Slow Website

    WordCamp Birmingham 2019Speaker: Teresa Rosche Ott

    December 11, 2019 — Everyone says website speed is super important. If your site’s not fast, people leave. Or they’ll never come in the first place, because slow sites don’t show up in search results.
    What almost no one talks about is what an average WordPress user can actually do to help site speed — *without* completely nerding out.
    In this talk, we’ll skip the fear mongering and geek-speak.
    Instead, we’ll go straight to low-tech, actionable tips and tactics *anyone* can use to improve a slow WordPress website. Plus, we’ll cover strategies for avoiding speed problems in the first place

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  • Sabrina Zeidan: 5 Steps To A Faster Website

    WordCamp Long Beach 2019Speaker: Sabrina Zeidan

    November 13, 2019 — Why should you forget about the scores if you want to speed up your website? Why would using CDN might not help you improve your site speed? How do you get to know your hosting is fast enough? Why does Twitter with all its funny GIFs load lightning-fast and your visitors have to wait for ages while one single kitten gets loaded? How do you make video and images on your website load really fast?

    Join Sabrina Zeidan for answers to all of these questions. You will want to take notes!

  • Barb Palser: A Faster Open Web

    WordCamp For Publishers: Chicago 2018Speaker: Barb Palser

    August 22, 2018 — This talk about strategies to improve speed and performance, including the current state of the open-source AMP format in WordPress, progressive web features and the latest in performance measurement and tooling. You’ll leave this session with strategies for gaining internal buy-in, implementation approaches to consider and tools to measure impact.