‘Introvert’ Videos

  • Aaron D. Campbell: Succeeding as an Introvert

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Aaron D. Campbell

    June 10, 2019 — It can be challenging to be an introvert in a world built for extroverts. A lot of introverts have been told at some point in their career to “be more extroverted”, as though introversion is bad — but it’s not bad, and being an extrovert is certainly not required for success.

    Ever wondered how the dopamine pathways in your brain affect how and when you’re able to focus? Probably not, but science can tell us a lot about how our brains work and we can learn to leverage that information to help us succeed.

    Aaron will take both a scientific and experiential look at introversion and extroversion, how they differ, how to tell where on the scale you are, and what advantages each has in today’s workplace. He’ll walk through his own journey of learning to leverage the strengths of his introversion and share what he does to help him navigate the parts of life and his career that are harder for him as an introvert.

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