‘Lightning Session’ Videos

  • Denise VanDeCruz and Mark Wilkinson: Lightning Session

    WordCamp London 2017Speakers: Denise VanDeCruz, Mark Wilkinson

    June 3, 2017 — 1. Denise VanDeCruze
    Title: Working Across Time Zones
    Description: How do we deal with a global client base? How do we get projects done with a worldwide team? I will be sharing some best practices for working across long distances and differences in time and culture. You can expect stories of this going wrong as well as stories of this going well, how to set-up expectations, timelines and deliverables.

    2. Mark Wilkinson
    Title: Computing in UK Schools. What they Teach and WordPress’ Role.
    Description: In 2013/2014 the UK government made major changes to the ICT curriculum, most notably removing a lot of the traditional “how to use” content and replacing this with a Computing focused curriculum. As a former teacher at the time I went through this transition. In this talk I will outline what is now taught in UK schools at the moment along with some of the techniques and software programs used to get these skills and knowledge across to our youngsters. The talk will touch on the role WordPress could and perhaps should play in the curriculum. This talk with be of interest to anyone interesting in learning what and how computing is taught in schools. In may be of greater interest to agencies recruiting from the pool of up and coming talent.

  • Sami Keijonen, Pascal Birchler and Matt Radford: Lightning Session

    WordCamp London 2017Speakers: Sami Keijonen, Pascal Birchler, Matt Radford

    June 2, 2017 — 1. Matt Radford
    Single Purpose Plugins

    Have you seen onethingwell.org? It’s a weblog of simple, useful software. I’m going to show you a selection of similar software for WordPress – simple, useful plugins that you may not have heard of. There won’t be any bulky plugins with a hundred options and vast ecosystems, just small, focussed plugins that perform one thing well.

    2. Pascal Birchler
    Recent I18N Improvements in WordPress Core

    Caching, timezones and internationalisation are just a few things that make developers cringe. In this short talk I will highlight some recent enhancement in the field of i18n in WordPress to show how we’ve got you covered. I will also give a glimpse at what’s coming in the future.

    3. Sami Keijonen
    SVG icon system in WordPress

    I this talk we cover:
    Why use SVG icons instead of icon fonts.
    How to create SVG icons.
    How to use SVG icons.
    Practical example of Twenty Seventeen SVG icon system.