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  • Joe A Simpson Jr.: Lucky 7 – Don’t Install ANYTHING ’til You Hear This WordPress Plugin Presentation

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: Joe A Simpson Jr.

    July 6, 2020 — Most of us hit the ground running with WordPress – we have a site to build for a client or ourselves and install ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help us achieve our goals. As a WordCamp Lead and WordPress Meetup Organizer, I often have to talk the aforementioned builders off of the ledge with the tips contained in this presentation.
    I’ll share the Lucky Seven, a few must-have WordPress Plugins everyone should use, and why you should be using each. In our time together we’ll also cover:
    • What is a plugin? • Where to find plugins • The recommended way to find a plugin • Free vs Premium plugins • What factors to consider when choosing a plugin (support, community, etc) • Avoid common pitfalls users encounter when installing plugins
    Join me as we work to help you achieve your goals, level up, add value to your practice with WordPress.