‘Plug-In’ Videos

  • Marissa Goldsmith: More than a Plug-in – My Journey to becoming a Passionate Accessibility Advocate

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Marissa Goldsmith

    April 24, 2019 — I had my first brush with accessibility in 2002. My boss was in a panic that our web application was not accessible, and that we would lose government funding.

    Since that experience, I’ve found myself arguing for more accessibility in web design and development. More often than not, I lose that argument.

    My professional activism on the topic has caused others to label me an expert on the topic. But I don’t consider myself a practitioner. I am a vocal and heartfelt advocate.

    This talk will intertwine the history of web accessibility with my own personal story of how I evolved in my views on accessibility.

    I will also discuss the role the open source community has to play, for an accessible web.

  • Brian Anderson: My Life Behind Barcodes

    WordCamp Peoria 2018Speaker: Brian Anderson

    September 30, 2018 — As a commonly recognized symbol of commerce and logistics, the barcode is often taken for granted as the most primitive form of middleware. We think of them as tiny printed clipboards that transfer data from one computer to another. Barcodes have a plethora of uses in online transactions.

    This talk focuses on building a barcode generating plug-in for WordPress, but will also cover the history of the barcode and how to recognize the various uses of barcode standards.

  • Nate Berger: Avoiding Catastrophic Plug-In Failure – Best Practices are Born During Fire Drills

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2016Speaker: Nate Berger

    October 7, 2016 — When should you use a plugin? When should you create a custom solution? That is the question… Learn how a critical application and voting module for a high-profile WordPress build was fixed in the 11th hour and launched successfully just in time, after catastrophic plug-in failure.