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  • Nick Croft: Efficient Plugin Design Using Advanced WordPress hooks

    Nick Croft: Efficient Plugin Design Using Advanced WordPress hooks

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Nick Croft

    November 16, 2017 — If you are a WordPress developer, you are likely familiar with the basic hooks like init, wp_enqueue_script, and wp_footer. These are the bread and butter of WordPress development. WordPress has a whole world of advanced hooks and filters and combined with OOP, autoloaders, or clever file requirements you can use these to make your code smaller, faster, and better.

  • Gerald Glynn: Build a bespoke Page Builder

    Gerald Glynn: Build a bespoke Page Builder

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Gerald Glynn

    November 14, 2017 — Page Builders free WordPress from the constraints TinyMCE Editor. However, you don’t have much choice over what they render, and left in the wrong hands, designs can get messed up past the point of easy untangling! By piggy-backing on the Post Meta Data we can build feature-rich Page’s in a bespoke manner with full control of the end product.

    This talk will walk you through how to build an in-house Page Builder that fits your particular needs using Advanced Custom Fields. By deconstructing a Page into its constituent parts, we can render the frontend in a very flexible manner so you and redesign as necessary and future-proof your content. With the addition of Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation, a fully responsive design can be easily achieved.

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  • Stefan Andonov: WordPress Caching With NGINX

    Stefan Andonov: WordPress Caching With NGINX

    Varna WordPress MeetupSpeaker: Stefan Andonov

    November 13, 2017 — Стефан споделя личния си опит как използва NGINX, HTTP2 PUSH, CDN-и и plugin-и за WordPress, с които да докара един сайт до реално добри времена на зареждане от по 300ms и надолу. И всичко това с бюджетни сървъри от по $2 до $5 на месец.

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  • Christina Varro: Better Social Sharing Plugins

    Christina Varro: Better Social Sharing Plugins

    WordCamp Toronto 2017Speaker: Christina Varro

    October 30, 2017 — Great content takes a long time to create, sharing it on your social platforms shouldn’t! This talk compares several popular WordPress plugins for content scheduling and automating social media posting. It will also cover other useful, non-WordPress services to help create beautiful social graphics, build your blog following, link your social accounts and automate your efforts.

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  • Remy Perona: Plugin Release Workflow

    Remy Perona: Plugin Release Workflow

    WordCamp Toronto 2017Speaker: Rémy Perona

    October 30, 2017 — Releasing a new version of a plugin for more than 200 000 websites is a sensitive process that needs to be carefully planned out.

    In this presentation, I’ll talk about the structure & processes that our team has put in place for releasing a new version of WP Rocket, as well as the tools we use to plan, track & test to ensure a release as smooth as possible for our customers.

    I’ll get into development workflow, but also everything that happens before and after: release scope, translations, communication planning & more.

  • Jeroen van Dijk: WordPress REST API hacking

    Jeroen van Dijk: WordPress REST API hacking

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speaker: Jeroen van Dijk

    October 27, 2017 — The REST API is an awesome plugin to expose your data from the WordPress core. But … the standard implementation might not fit your specific case.

    Just like the WordPress core, you’ll be able to extend it to your specific needs. I’ll show you how to handle authentication, introduce caching strategies, alter custom post types, or even change the default way of communication altogether.

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  • Adrian Tobey: How to Monetize Your Plugins

    Adrian Tobey: How to Monetize Your Plugins

    WordCamp Toronto 2017Speaker: Adrian Tobey

    October 26, 2017 — The tools you’ll need to monetize effectively on your plugins. What the plugin purchase journey should look like. And how to use your plugin as a lead generator for other more profitable services.

    The intended audience is those considering becoming plugin/theme developers or those whom already are plugin/theme developers and are looking to turn their craft into an income generator.

  • Ben Meredith: Getting Better Support Starts Here

    Ben Meredith: Getting Better Support Starts Here

    WordCamp Wilmington 2017Speaker: Ben Meredith

    October 26, 2017 — In this talk, using years of experience helping users in both free and premium plugin support, Ben will take you through what makes a good support request, how you can create better support requests, and how good support requests make WordPress better for everyone.

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  • Miriam Goldman: Plugins And You: Finding That Perfect Plugin

    Miriam Goldman: Plugins And You: Finding That Perfect Plugin

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speaker: Miriam Goldman

    October 16, 2017 — Finding the right plugins, and navigating through the large library can be hard. Come and hear about some personal tips and tricks I’ve found to make the selection easier. I’ll recommend some plugins based on what you need – and discuss the advantages of a paid plugin rather than just free.

  • David de Boer: Van nul naar duizend, het eerste jaar van een WordPress plugin als zakcentje

    David de Boer: Van nul naar duizend, het eerste jaar van een WordPress plugin als zakcentje

    WordCamp Nijmegen 2017Speaker: David de Boer

    October 15, 2017 — Kun je als WordPress specialist beginnen met een WordPress plugin en daar binnen een jaar een fijne extra inkomstenbron aan overhouden? Jazeker, en tijdens deze presentie laat ik je ALLE ins en outs zien. We bespreken zowel het ontwikkelen van een compleet nieuwe plugin alsook het overnemen van een plugin op de WordPress repository (die niet meer ontwikkeld wordt door de vorige eigenaar).

    Van idee en vooronderzoek tot realisatie. We kijken naar het toevoegen van de plugin aan de WordPress Plugin repository en wat daar de eisen
    voor zijn. Marketing komt aan bod, uitbesteden van ontwikkeling, testen van nieuwe ideeen en meer. En dit op basis van mijn eigen ervaring, die echt geresulteerd heeft in een leuk extra zakcentje.