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  • Mika Ariela Epstein: How NOT To Submit Your Plugin

    WordCamp Orange County 2015Speaker: Mika Ariela Epstein

    January 7, 2016 — A tongue in cheek review of the things you can do to make your plugin submission make the review team cry, from pestering everyone and their mother about the speed of a review to simple mistakes that make the process take longer than it should.

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  • Luke Woodward: Robots Write the Docs

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Luke Woodward

    December 12, 2015 — Documentation can be one of the most challenging things for a developer. You can write the most amazing code that’s incredibly easy to use, but without a good set of documentation no one beside you will use it! But times are changing. You can have the robots write the documentation for you! Or at least very nearly.

    The WP_Parser project has given birth to the incredibly useful developer.wordpress.org/reference site based on the massive amount of internal documentation work that has been going on in core over the last years. This is an exploration of how other developers can take that work and leverage it into their own reference site taking advantage of all of the internal code docs they have already written.