‘twig’ Videos

  • Peter Shackelford: Curious About Twig?

    Peter Shackelford: Curious About Twig?

    WordCamp Ann Arbor 2015Speaker: Peter Shackelford

    August 24, 2018 — Crash course in how Twig can be used in a WordPress context. Lesson includes:

    – Slapdash introduction to twig
    – Syntax overview
    – Template inheritance
    – Routing

  • Carl Hughes: Get Twig, use Twig, smile

    Carl Hughes: Get Twig, use Twig, smile

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Carl Hughes

    August 23, 2018 — WordPress theming is great but with Twig it can be more fun. Twig is a PHP template engine thats incredibly fun to use. With Twig you write your HTML separate from your PHP files, this separation means you can bypass the_loop entirely.
    Twig templates are reusable HTML fragments which can be used multiple times in your theme. You could even create a style guide that directly uses the same Twig templates as your theme meaning any updates to your themes HTML updates your style guide as well.
    This talk will cover the benefits of using Twig when theming, explain how to get started and provide some working examples for you to try on your own.

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  • Walter Ebert: WordPress-Themes mit Twig entwickeln

    Walter Ebert: WordPress-Themes mit Twig entwickeln

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Walter Ebert

    February 7, 2016 — Twig ist eine Template-Engine für PHP, die schon in vielen Open-Source-Projekten eingesetzt wird. Diese Session wird erklären wie man Twig in WordPress-Themes nutzen kann und welche Vorteile dies mit sich bringt.

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