‘Webhooks’ Videos

  • Working with REST APIs and webhooks in WordPress

    WordCamp Jinja 2022Speaker: Imokol Faith Ruth

    October 11, 2022 — This session explains how to integrate external data into WordPress websites and how share data with external systems using REST APIs and webhooks.

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  • Saleeh K: WooCommerce Rest API Integration With Google Assistant

    WordCamp Kochi (കൊച്ചി) 2018Speaker: Saleeh K

    November 24, 2020 — WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and is a major eCommerce platform based on WordPress. Many businesses use WordPress and WooCommerce to manage their online presence. However, many store owners use other applications to manage their business, and often have no integration between these offline and online applications. In this session, he’ll demonstrate how you can use WordPress and WooCommerce REST APIs to seamlessly integrate together. As an example, Saleeh will show how to integrate a Telegram bot/Google Assistant with your WooCommerce-powered eCommerce store, and get notifications on new orders and updates. Various features like list all your orders, listing products, displaying order Summary, using webhooks to receive instant notifications of new WooCommerce orders, and a lot more can be achieved using such integrations.

  • Piotr Niewiadomski: Automatyczny GIT deploy w WordPressie

    WordCamp Poznań 2018Speaker: Piotr Niewiadomski

    August 22, 2018 — Piotrek opowie o automatyzacji procesu deploymentu oraz aktualizacji strony z wykorzystaniem repozytorium GIT. Szczegółowo zostanie omówiona integracja WordPressa z popularnymi systemami kontroli wersji (Github, Bitbucket, Stash) dzięki WebHooks API. Przytoczonych zostanie kilka case study, do czego to się może przydać. Będzie technicznie, nie zabraknie slajdów z kodem źródłowym oraz osławionych już krówek i innych upominków od firmy Clearcode

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  • Andrew Duncan: WooCommerce REST API integration

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speaker: Andrew Duncan

    August 19, 2018 — In this session I’ll demonstrate how you can use the WordPress and WooCommerce REST APIs to seamlessly integrate your business applications with your webstore and remove any duplication and double data entry by:

    downloading WooCommerce Orders into your internal CRM
    uploading Products and Images from your internal CRM to WordPress and WooCommerce
    use Webhooks to receive instant notifications of new WooCommerce orders
    If you haven’t used the WooCommerce REST API or not sure why you might use it this session will show you the benefits of integrating with the WooCommerce API.

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  • Ethan Butler and Jordan Cauley: WordPress and Express – Building Better APIs

    WordCamp Asheville 2017Speakers: Ethan Butler, Jordan Cauley

    June 16, 2017 — For BeerNC, Cardinal Media used WordPress for content management but served content and user data over a custom Express App. This provided a content management experience the client was comfortable with and the security and control of Express for the app’s internal-facing API.


    Using Express and an ORM can be better for some use-cases than the baked-in WP-API features.
    Using WP-API methods and hooks can be used to create webhooks to keep an external API in sync with WordPress content, while giving content creators the ease-of-use that WordPress offers.
    Shortcodes can be integrated into a front-end framework – we used Ionic2 to build BeerNC, but the methodology should be similar for most front-end frameworks.

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  • Nathan Tyler: Using WordPress as an App Framework

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Nathan Tyler

    August 15, 2016 — There has been lots of discussion around using WordPress as an app framework. In this talk, we’ll take a detailed look at the ups and downs of using WordPress to build a web app (hireotto.com) with:

    WP REST API Endpoints
    OAuth Authentication with 3rd party services
    WP Cron & Job Queues
    3rd Party API integrations
    User Registration & Account Management
    Recurring Billing
    An overview and look into how all these components work together, where WordPress saved development time, and where it caused headaches.

    This talk is not an endorsement or condemnation of using WordPress as an app framework. Each project is different, and the goal is to openly discuss the tradeoffs so developers can make informed decisions for their own projects.

  • Claudio Sanches: Trabalhando com a API Rest e Webhooks do WooCommerce

    WordCamp Belo Horizonte 2015Speaker: Claudio Sanches

    September 29, 2015 — No WooCommerce hoje é possível fazer integrações com sistemas como de CRM e ERP ou até criar aplicativos sem precisar saber absolutamente nada de WordPress, WooCommerce ou PHP, pois tudo o que você precisa é da API Rest e dos Webhooks do WooCommerce.
    Aprenda a trabalhar com a API Rest do WooCommerce, onde é possível manipular produtos, clientes, pedidos e coupons de desconto, gerar relatórios de vendas e muito mais

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