‘WooCommerce Performance’ Videos

  • Scaling WooCommerce – How to build a fast store with millions of products and orders

    WordCamp Germany 2023Speaker: Steffen Dressler

    October 13, 2023 — WooCommerce offers great performance for most use cases, but it can struggle with managing lots of products and orders. This talk explains at how to tackle the scaling limitations of WooCommerce.

    See a demonstrator shop with over a million products and orders, using the new HPOS feature as well as ElasticPress.

  • WooCommerce performance

    WordCamp Netherlands 2023Speaker: Andrew Killen

    September 30, 2023 — This talk offers an overview of how to configure and use WooCommerce as a web-shop owner. Learn all about WooCommerce performance. Performance topics include:

    – using taxonomies and not meta_data
    – choosing plugins that do not slow the site down, or that load a new cookie on every page;
    – how to cache the site with CDN’s and what to consider when you become big
    – headless WooCommerce and how it will be the future but it’s not quite ready yet
    – High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
    – measuring WooCommerce performance, and making sure that your host can handle that massive product release you are making

  • How to scale WooCommerce

    WordCamp Vienna (Wien) 2022Speaker: Robert Windisch

    May 11, 2022 — Easy Steps for WordPress Scaling
    ● PHP 8
    ● HTTP/2
    ● Page Cache
    ● CDN – Content Delivery Network
    ● Object Cache
    ● Reduce TTFB – Time to first byte
    ● Don’t use your Web hosting service for emails

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