Speakers: Siobhan McKeown

  • Siobhan McKeown: WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life

    Siobhan McKeown: WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life

    WordCamp Europe 2014Speaker: Siobhan McKeown

    October 20, 2014 — It’s said that ideas have power, but an idea’s power lies in its capacity to have an impact on our lives. Some ideas flicker and disappear, others have such force that they underpin everything that we do.

    This presentation explores the philosophical underpinnings of WordPress, ideas like freedom, simplicity, and democracy. It looks at these ideas in their most abstract, tracing how they become concrete in the software and the community.

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  • Siobhan McKeown: Designing WordPress - A Drama in Four Parts

    Siobhan McKeown: Designing WordPress – A Drama in Four Parts

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Siobhan McKeown

    August 21, 2014 — Design in an open source project isn’t easy. Complaints about “design by committee” abound. Everyone is afraid of “too many cooks”. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to craft a design that gets the approval of a community.

    This is the story of WordPress’ admin. It’s a heart-breaking, heart-wrenching tale of how, through immense trials and tribulations, WordPress’ admin was born, and how it became what it is today. How through ten years of trying, WordPress managed to craft not just a design, but a design process

  • Siobhan McKeown: WordPress And The Ten Year Itch

    Siobhan McKeown: WordPress And The Ten Year Itch

    WordCamp San Francisco 2013Speaker: Siobhan McKeown

    July 31, 2013 —
    It’s been ten years since the first release of WordPress, and even longer since its predecessor, b2, caught the eye of a small group of bloggers. Thousands of lines of code have been written, hundreds of hours have been spent in online discussions, and many, many itches have been scratched.

    This presentation is the story of the itch. It will travel back through time to trace the itch, from the very first scratcher, to the people who caught the itch, until it became contagious and hundreds of people were scratching furiously and somehow they solved a problem for millions of people all over the world.

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  • Siobhan McKeown: Killer Docs for Killer Devs

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