Siobhan McKeown: WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life

3 responses on “Siobhan McKeown: WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life

  1. Japh

    Possibly my favourite talk from a WordCamp ever. Excellent thoughts and presentation, thanks Siobhan.

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  2. Adeleye

    I find it difficult to download

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  3. therongburrough

    What a wonderful talk! Having just benefited from an article by Siobhan (, I was pleasantly surprised to find this page. I stayed up past my bedtime and will go to sleep greatly inspired.

    I like that Siobhan started out by discussing positive and negative freedoms. It brought to mind that I should ask myself, “What can I create?”. That wasn’t what Siobhan discussed. Yet to see the life she is leading, and to hear her and others’ observations about the nature of things, left me asking the same question.

    She answers a question I think I do not ask often enough. The real answer is that what I create on the Web is for the reader.


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October 20, 2014

It’s said that ideas have power, but an idea’s power lies in its capacity to have an impact on our lives. Some ideas flicker and disappear, others have such force that they underpin everything that we do.

This presentation explores the philosophical underpinnings of WordPress, ideas like freedom, simplicity, and democracy. It looks at these ideas in their most abstract, tracing how they become concrete in the software and the community.

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