Adding a widget to your sidebar

9 responses on “Adding a widget to your sidebar

  1. Yagoob

    I love it!


  2. whitecranes

    I want to see all my sidebars at once and be able to rearrange widgets at will. This widget-handling scheme costs me way too much time. I hate it.


  3. steadycat

    I watched ‘adding a widget’ in feverish anticipation. Alas, what I needed wasn’t mentioned. I have been trying to add photos and cute little buttons and doo-dads into my sidebars. I look at other bloggers and they have all sorts of colorful things added, alas no such luck for me. I have tried to follow various instructions that are scattered through wordpress. No luck. I have gone to other sites that offer widgets, copied their templates, pasted it into the widget called TEXT, and still….it doesn’t work.

    How do I add photos, buttons and colorful doo-dad widgets into my sidebars?


    • Michael Pick

      Hi steadycat – has less options than the self-hosted version at present as to what you can put into a widget, for security reasons. However, adding images and buttons is doable and featured in the video I put together on the text widget. We’re looking to expand the range of options available for widgets in the not too distant future


  4. steadycat

    Thank you Michael. I’ll look for Text Widgets. Cheers.


  5. imc80

    i like it


  6. Mike

    Hi Michael, I’ve been doing customized sidebars for a long time and really liked being able to include different CONTENT on different types of pages – ie – sidebar-home.php for home page – sidebar-single.php for single pages and sidebar-12.php for the category that is 12.

    Maybe I am nmissing something but it appears widgets as they are don’t allow me this ability.

    Is it possible to put different widgets on different sidebars???

    That way I wouldn’t have to have the same thing on all 10,000 pages of my site :’>


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January 12, 2009

Widgets let you customize the content that appears in the sidebar(s) of your blog. This video walks you through the basics of adding widgets.

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