Customizing your header image

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  1. peaceandparadise

    2.7, I dont have a filter menu???


  2. Milton

    Yeah, the lack of filter menu in my version of wordpress derailed me.


  3. dee

    I don’t have the same option within my wp 2.7 either?


    • Michael Pick

      Apologies for any confusion. Unfortunately, because self-installations don’t come bundled with a default set of themes (as is the case with, it’s impossible for us to classify and filter them for you. On the bright side, if you head to the theme directory to select themes, you can filter them before downloading by the features you’re looking for. users get better filtering, but self-hosters have a much wider choice of themes.


  4. Moises Kirsch


    You are saying that there are more options and I agree.

    But some features aren’t tagged correctly. For example this one.

    Since I saw this video (the same day that WordPress Tv was announced) I been searching for a theme that can do this to study the code and do something similar on a theme that I’m working on.

    I’ve downloaded around 5 to 10 themes with the custom header tag and that uses an image (or at least that’s what it looks like from the screenshot) but no luck.

    Maybe you should also add a tag or category to this videos for wordpress dot com only tutorials.


  5. lignicity

    I’m using chaotic soul and can change the image but am not getting option to hide text…any help please


  6. Karon

    the video on customizing your header is not working. It stops and starts in short jerks.


    • Michael Pick

      Sounds like a streaming problem. If you experience jerky motion, best to pause your video and let it “buffer” a while (filling your computer’s short term memory with information from a video to let it play smoothly). If your computer doesn’t have so much memory or your connection isn’t the speediest, it’s sometimes better to watch without the HD On. Hope that helps.


  7. Misafir Geldi

    I want to change the header title. For some reason it is capitalized (not by me) and I want to change the font. How can I do that?


    • Michael Pick

      It would depend on the theme and how it’s set up. To change the font, for instance, you’d need to edit the themes CSS. The other alternative is to use an image with text in it.


  8. clubpenguininformationcp

    The picture i’m trying to upload doesnt seem to work. I made a picture on paint and when i upload it, it says “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.” The picture is also exactly 904 X 160 for the Digg 3 Column theme. Please figure out what i’m doing wrong.


  9. WPAndy

    Hi Michael
    We’re using newest WP version hosted on our own servers and there is no filter option. Further, I’ve look through hundreds of themes and haven’t found one that offers the ‘edit header’ options you show here. Are we all missing something or are there plug ins we can add for filter feature and for edit header feature?


  10. WPAndy

    Thanks Sheri. That’s really useful. Really appreciate, would love to keep in touch with a nice girl like you!!


  11. rlharrell

    I’m using Cutline. I wanted to replace one Custom Header (metro.jpg) with another (rt2-library4.jpg) and all the steps seemed to go as expected, including cropping the image after uploading it.

    But it isn’t appearing on the blog. I can’t discover why not. Any suggestions?


  12. rlharrell

    More on 5/20’s post: The blog is I also tried to upload a pre-cropped image. It is 731 X 139. Still didn’t appear.


  13. nellatnci

    Ive given up on trying to customise header.. video didnt help at all, because its completely different from what I am working with… and also had same problem re image disappearing..


  14. j2424j

    I have custom image. I brought up the new image and cropped but then there is no way to post it so we now have a default image. How do I get the new image to stick?


  15. secacofms

    I have an image I have resized to fit the required dimensions (for Blix 690×115) Even though the image says it will fit, it insists that I crop the image. This happened even when the image file I used was 395X48 pixels. Why does it insist on cropping an image that small when it says it can accommodate something larger?


  16. Ralph ...thecoffeedude

    I need answers..we all need answers..I wont repeat what 15 or 16 people have already said..
    I have sent an lengthy e-mail to ”
    just today about the very same issues all have we need to wait on solutions from the programming team..if so then say so..
    don’t want to waste any body’s time I also don’t want to wait for solutions to these issues that will never come for a while, at least not now..which is the most pressing moment I have with WordPress.ORG/.2.7.1 ???????????



  17. Admin

    Not helpful at all. My question is: Why after going through all the steps EXACTLY as you have stated, I still am not able to change the Header Image at all? This is despite attempting more than three times and trying to trouble-shoot what exactly went wrong. However, all my efforts still do not bring the desired result as depicted by you! Can you please help me solve this problem? Thanks.


  18. Valerie McKen

    Can I change/ update the header of the Albeo theme. I just want to add a tag line and I can’t see a way to do it.



  19. vicyrach

    I’ve seen some wordpress blogs in which the header changes different photos with each reload or change of page or post. How can I do that? Thanks!


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January 13, 2009

Certain themes allow you to easily change the image that appears in the background of your blog’s header (the part at the top with your title and tagline). This video talks you through changing yours.

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