Previewing and activating themes in

5 responses on “Previewing and activating themes in

  1. Nicola

    All very simple!……unless of course there is no “activate theme” button and only a download button!….what then?


  2. SebasP

    Hi! I’m looking for a theme to embed videos, actually we need to make something like a channel where we can put alltogether our training videos.

    Is it available the theme you use for


    • Michael Pick

      The theme is a custom design with a lot of tweaks and hacks, so isn’t generally available I’m afraid. There are quite a few video themes out there though – such as those from Press75 and the free VideographEX, among others.


  3. lotuslyn2410

    I chose freshy as my theme and uploaded one(1) photo which was used as the custom header for 3 related blogs. Is it possible to change the header (photo) again for my other upcoming blogs. I would like the photo/header to reflect my content as they are all on different places of travel.

    How do I go about doing this.


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January 13, 2009

If you’d like to see how your blog might look wrapped in a certain theme without making the changes to your live content, WordPress makes it easy for you get a sneak peak. Here’s how it works.

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