The Twitter Friendly Links Plugin

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  1. Matthias Pfefferle
  2. Alenônimo



  3. Nick

    Link to plugin page:


  4. buffawhat

    This is a great plugin idea, but I just want to point out how possible this is just by changed your permalink structure to /%post_id%/%postname%/ or /%post_id%/whatevertagyouwant/.

    I’ve been doing this since I started using twitter in 2007:

    is equal to this:

    having a unique number with your link also looks better to services like google news.

    I do like the tweet this function on the side.


  5. Stephen

    Great little plugin! A great treat to be able to see any traffic generated by my own tiny urls in my existing analytic account. Also great for branding and SEO.


  6. gregoranton

    I love it! Tinyurl looks too much like spam to me. This is a great alternative. How will SEO be effected?


    • kovshenin

      It doesn’t affect PageRank, cause Twitter’s rel=nofollow. Anyway, there can never be too much backlinks, even if they don’t give you pagerank, cause search isn’t all about pagerank, is it?


  7. tonymel

    Great info, thanks!


  8. Code For Future

    Good work!

    Can you please explain what are the options for using “Link Style”? Couldn’t find on your website


  9. crisiboy

    Tweet this post!


  10. James McWhorter

    Thank you. I will be using this soon! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?!?


  11. Staff

    Just what we were looking for!
    …branded, analytics and free!!!!

    Thanks WordPress!


  12. Alexander

    This is a great idea and has various benefits, if only my domain names weren’t so long. ^^


  13. Arifur Rahman



  14. Jason Katzenback

    If you could make it work with the tracking API that would be awesome.


  15. inspirationals2012



  16. Jeff Holland

    Thanks for this video…I have been brain storming for something just like this and thanks to you I have what I was looking for and not all those spam looking links that make you want to click them just to see what they lead too…my pet peave.


  17. rene

    Thanks, became interested and going to try, after will post my opinion


  18. Mike

    Nice work! Thanks! Here are a couple of features that I’d love to have:

    1. The option to set my own alphanumeric ID for the short URL when composing the post. (And an alternate option to get an automated ID based on the title/slug/etc., which I believe was mentioned previously).


    2. The ability to have the short links created on a different domain of mine.
    Original URL:
    Short URL:

    #2 sounds technically difficult but it would be so valuable.

    What do you guys think?



  19. suzdawg

    I like this idea a lot! I also like Mike’s suggestion of using a different owned domain. I think having an option for published posts to automatically be Tweeted was be great as well. I don’t manually publish posts to Twitter and as someone who schedules posts, I’d enjoy having that automated for me. Thanks!


    • Robert D.

      Mike, Suzdawg and everyone else: the focus of this plug-in is in helping you increase your site’s inbound links, which is part of a good SEO strategy. When you use a third-party service like, you’re basically giving that link away to the bit.lys and tinyurls of the game. In most cases, your link contains content that you’ve put considerable time and effort creating — your site deserves all the credit for that link.

      So I hope you can understand why getting this plug-in to communicate with the API or having this work on a domain other than your domain is not such a good idea. I also hope that this comment doesn’t come off the wrong way. I’ve been learning a lot about SEO and WordPress lately and wanted to share some of that info with you, as it applies to this particular post.

      Take care 🙂


  20. zee

    nice post keep it up


  21. Affiliates

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.
    I was thinking over the Twitter fact and i got same today. I will try it now.


  22. Kenneth Watt

    Thanks for this.
    Which program did you use for the screencast/animation of text and graphics?
    Kenneth 🙂


  23. Robert D.

    Question for the developer: how does this plug-in compare to Blair Williams’s Pretty Link Pro plug-in? What are the pros/cons? I know that he offers a free version ( of it as well. I am considering a plug-in that serves this purpose. I’ll test out both in the meantime.



  24. Konstantin

    Robert, TFL will be getting an upgrade soon, and a major one 😉 so stay tuned


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May 12, 2009

Twitter Friendly Links is a plugin for WordPress that provides you with your very own URL shortening service within your own domain name. Get Twitter Friendly Links at the WordPress plugin directory or at the official plugin page

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