Allan Cole: Children Are the Future—Developing with Child Themes

5 responses on “Allan Cole: Children Are the Future—Developing with Child Themes

  1. Clay

    Great lesson! Listening to people type as this man was presenting, was a bit irritating. There needs to be a better audio recording.


  2. Deborah

    Glad you shared the video. Any chance that a transcript or the slide deck will be provided? There’s little that can be seen on the overhead as he talks.


  3. Joly MacFie
  4. Rafael Marquez

    Could y’all do anything to fix the audio?


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November 14, 2009

For front-end and user experience designers, tweaking WordPress themes to your liking has always been a cinch. But what happens when it’s time to upgrade your theme to include features in a new version of WP? Allan Cole introduces us to Child Themes which will allow you to speed up your development time and make future-proof theme edits, while also leaving the inefficient processes of trial & error behind.

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