Mitsuhiro Suwa (Loftwork): WordPress+BuddyPress+Amazon 7.0

2 responses on “Mitsuhiro Suwa (Loftwork): WordPress+BuddyPress+Amazon 7.0

  1. Virtualization

    Translation of this into English would be very helpful. :-\


  2. mercime

    Thanks for sharing this video. Though I couldn’t understand most of the presentation, I can say that it was elegantly done.

    BuddyPress is a kitchen sink where you just use what you need for the specific site. In, they used the Activity Streams, Blog Tracking, Extended Profiles, and Private Messaging and declined to use bbPress forums, Friends and Groups components, while rolling out a really cool and popular site. It’s unfortunate that there’s no “Google Voice Translate” to learn what he was actually explaining to his audience 🙂

    Arigato gozaimashita.


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May 29, 2010

Mitsuhiro Suwa(Loftwork): WordPress+BuddyPress+Amazon 7.0
presentation at WordCamp Yokohama 2010 in Japanese
「WordPress+BuddyPress+Amazon 7.0」 諏訪光洋さん(ロフトワーク)
プレゼンテーション ワードキャンプ横浜2010 <日本語音声>

Video Recording by Hideaki Nire 仁礼英銘
Video Editing & Upload by Atsushi Ogisawa 荻澤篤志 ( CMS Solutions K.K.

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WordCamp Yokohama 2010 19


MItsuhiro Suwa 1


日本 17
横浜 19


Japanese/日本語 373

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