WordPress.com Contact Forms – Overview

8 responses on “WordPress.com Contact Forms – Overview

  1. Ryan

    This is an excellent plugin and highly underrated. The latest updates to the plugin make it a true competitor for Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms which seem to be the major players in the area of WordPress contact form plugins.


  2. Walter

    Nice! but the form is shielded by Askimet? because i dont understand the spam button in feedback section (delete is also available)


    • Michael Pick

      Akismet usually gets it right first time, the spam button is just there for the rare cases where Akismet misses a piece of spam. In that case, by flagging content as spam, you make Akismet a little smarter. Deleting a comment, on the other hand, will simply trash it if you don’t want to see it anymore but don’t need to report it as being spam content. Hope that helps.


  3. sanakhan786

    Hey i have no button of ADD a poll and add a custom form…. from where to get it?


    • Michael Pick

      Assuming you’re using WordPress.com, both icons should be on your main Post Editor dashboard – make sure you’re in the Visual Editor mode (top right of the editing pane) and not the HTML view.


  4. Buzz Vieau

    I built my first site without the help of these videos. I did not know they where even in existence. Beginners luck. In any event after watching this video and a couple others I think it is incredible that someone put all this together and most for free. Thank you very much



  5. Ionut

    Looking for a plugin much easier for my sites. This plugin helped me a lot. Thanks

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  6. Madhu Sudhan

    How can we change the design of contact form in wordpress.com ? Please help me

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January 7, 2011

An overview of working with the new WordPress.com contact form. WordPress.org users can achieve the same functionality with the Grunion Contact Form plugin, available from the Plugin Finder.

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