Heather Gold – Tools For Tummeling

One response on “Heather Gold – Tools For Tummeling

  1. Ahrengot

    Great talk, Heather!

    Very inspirational. This talk is drastically different from most talks here on wordpress.tv as most talks deal with technology in the form of plugins, SEO et cetera.

    I think something like the hangouts feature in Google+ moves in the right direction. Now, if we can get a way to embed something like that on our own websites it’s starting to get really cool. You could have hangouts instead of forums or comment sections. You would actually be able to look at the people you’re having a discussion with. You’d be able to dissect body language, use eye contact, voice levels. You’d be speaking rather than typing … all the while you’d be improving your real-world social skills as well.


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June 29, 2011


WordCamp Seattle 2011 18


Heather Gold 2

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