Austin Smith: From Drupal to WordPress: Migrating the New York Observer

3 responses on “Austin Smith: From Drupal to WordPress: Migrating the New York Observer

  1. Lynne Hand

    Thanks for sharing.

    (You could have ruled the world by making a feature of your unique top of head shots.)


  2. Ellis Benus - Web Design Columbia Mo

    It’s always great to hear about someone jumping ship from the D-Word to WordPress. 🙂

    Ellis Benus
    Small Business Web Guru
    (573) 557-WEB0 (9320)


  3. Frederick Townes

    Quick note:

    For those that watch this video, please note that W3 Total Cache does not “scan the posts table,” instead only when using Database Caching W3TC tries to “proxy” queries to cache those that are “cacheable” so if a plugin or theme logic it may appear that W3TC is “doing bad things,” but it’s simply looking at queries to see what can be cached. I hope this helps those who may become confused.

    Also remember, W3TC is a performance framework intended to allow a web master to tune their site and server without having to hire a chief technology officer or the like.


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September 8, 2011


WordCamp San Francisco 2011 47


Austin Smith 5

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