Thom Allen: 10 Widgets To Rock Your WordPress

3 responses on “Thom Allen: 10 Widgets To Rock Your WordPress

  1. Ryan


    I dig the theme of the presentation!

    The only issue I took with this is that your information on caching isn’t 100% correct. As it was described, caching does NOT store a bunch of the data in the server’s memory so that it can send out images/pages/content faster.

    It merely stores php’s output (the html your browser gets each request) of a page into a file so that it does not need to do all of the processing all over again. In WordPress’ case, this is a big deal because of the way it has to literally rebuild the page on every request/hit/visit. Add in 30 plugins worth of additional processing and 70k visits/month as you described… shaving off even just 250ms worth of processing for a server is a BIG deal. Simply put: $caching >= ‘good’;

    Images however are still only referenced in tags of a page. The browser then has to make a separate request to the server to grab the images and place them on the page. Hope that helps!

    Nice resource for plugins! NextGEN ftw =]


  2. Ileane

    Hi, I think this video has the wrong title. I thought the talk was about widgets but it’s about plugins. It was a good talk though, just the wrong title.


  3. johnrhopkins

    Great work Thom. Sorry I missed it.


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November 3, 2011


WordCamp Utah 2011 12


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