Matt Jones: WordPress for the eCommerce

3 responses on “Matt Jones: WordPress for the eCommerce

  1. Mark McLaren

    Apollo 13 air filters and the Dark Ages of WordPress eCommerce! I love it. Great presentation. Matt knows his stuff AND is an entertaining speaker. Good material about WP eCommerce plugin. Matt builds custom themes for sites that use WP eCommerce plugin. And he talks about custom search results pages — now that is cool!


  2. Gloopy

    We actually chose a software called shopperpress which can be incorporated easily into WP. That is the best i have found so far


  3. lakesidelife

    Hey thanks for the kudos Mark! I tried to make it interesting…

    ShopperPress does look pretty advanced for a theme solution Gloopy, but I feel the best solution for designing your own site is to use an advanced plugin like WooCommerce, JigoShop or WPeCommerce because then you have complete control over the design. When the shopping cart software is built into the theme, it can be daunting for a developer to know what they can change without affecting core functionality since the theme and the plugin are the same piece of software. That tends to make me nervous.

    For first-time WordPress people, the theme idea might be best…but if you want more control, I’d recommend separating design (theme) from functionality (plugin) like we do at


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November 17, 2011


WordCamp Utah 2011 12


Matt Jones 1

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