Nile Flores – Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress

4 responses on “Nile Flores – Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress

  1. Martha Opdahl

    Great to have this on video! Very good info, especially your recommendations on tools, plug-ins, themes, books, etc. Thanks!
    Feedback (in nitpicking category): 1)re your list…audience sees it but not video viewers and sometimes when you read X from your list, viewer can’t understand what you’re saying. Show list somehow or state each list item clearly? 2) During Q&A, please repeat the question cuz video viewers (and probably audience) can’t hear the Q. it’s helpful to know the Q before you A it. Thanks!


  2. Lydia

    Loved the video. I missed coming to Chicago. Gave you a 5 and a Like.


  3. Hulusi Altunyurt

    çok güzel bir video
    Very good video


  4. Nile Flores

    That is not the title of this session. It is Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress. Someone please correct this.


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January 5, 2012


WordCamp Chicago 2011 21


Nile Flores 24

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