Aaron D. Campbell: Integration of WordPress With External APIs

One response on “Aaron D. Campbell: Integration of WordPress With External APIs

  1. Mikkel Breum

    Aaron, I’ve been taking cues from your talk here, for setting up a listener that creates new posts when asked to by an external web app. It’s working fine, and I’m using your suggestions here for handling authentication (checking a salted-secret). The request is coming in as a POST with a Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded header.

    Now, I’m looking into sending the data as json, with a Content-Type: application/json header. This seems to be the way it’s encouraged by the jetpack JSON API, and I guess oAuth2 should be used to authenticate.

    How does that approach relate to the methods you’re suggesting here, and would you recommend using the JetPack JSON API instead of the approach you’ve outlined here?

    For me, I’m able to follow and apply the method you show here, whereas utilising the JSON API and especially oAuth2 would require another trip up the learning curve 🙂

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October 15, 2012


WordCamp San Diego 2012 13


Aaron D. Campbell 23

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