Santosh Bhandari: WordPress Application Security

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January 26, 2023

Santosh has been in the field of Information Security professionally since 2015. His expertise includes web application , mobile application, and network vulnerability assessment/ penetration testing. Besides, he is also skilled in vulnerability management, server assessment/hardening, and cloud security assessment. He has worked in various domains including banks, payment gateways, Internet service providers, co-operatives, etc. Sometimes, he blogs about information security and stuff at

Speaker Type: National

Topic: WordPress Application Security

Topic Description:
The presentation will cover the following things (but are not limited to) :
1. Rise of WordPress and related security concerns
2. Securing WordPress users, plugins, and themes
3. Hardening WordPress
4. WordPress firewall
5. WordPress security plugins
6. WordPress backup for malware and ransomware rollback
7. WordPress security best practices etc.

Intended Audience: Developers, WordPress Users, InfoSec enthusiasts, WordPress hosting providers

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