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October 6, 2023

Ferdy Korpershoek owns a popular YouTube channel with over 440K subscribers.

In his keynote presentation, Ferdy elucidates his evolutionary journey from the realm of web design to mastering WordPress. Throughout this recollection, Ferdy meticulously highlights a series of ‘key persons’ who guided him in successive directions, thereby enriching his growth in the industry. These influential individuals range from the person who introduced him to Frontpage Express in 1999, the persistent advocate who enlightened him about WordPress in 2011, the guide who led him into the world of Elementor in 2017, to the individual who warmly invited him to his first WordCamp in 2019. Ferdy acknowledges each of these turning points as impactful moments that significantly shaped his life over the long term. The community has always been the key.

Ferdy is dedicated to imparting valuable knowledge to the audience. He aspires to become the same ‘key person’ that the figures had been for him earlier in his career. He plans on sharing ten to twelve strategies on generating income within the WordPress ecosystem, while simultaneously aiding others.

Throughout his entire presentation, Ferdy underscores the importance of being an active part of the WordPress community. He challenges everyone to engage adventurously in enriching dialogues, forming meaningful relationships, and fostering collective growth over these two days.

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