Apply to be a Moderator

7 responses on “Apply to be a Moderator

  1. Ryan Cowles

    How much time would you ideally like a new moderator to contribute / week? I would love to apply, but I just want to make sure I will be able to dedicate enough of my time to do so.


    • Chandra Maharzan

      Thank you for your interest Ryan. It depends on how much time you would want to contribute. Normally, if you can review 1 video a day, that would be great. A video can be as short as 2-3 min or long as an hour.


  2. vanessa

    What are the expected duties of the tv Moderator you choose?


    • Andrea Middleton moderators review videos submitted for publication to for accuracy, quality, and to make sure it follows the submission guidelines.

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  3. swagato

    Can it be done in free time? I am already involved with WPTRT but still have more interest.


  4. chefmausa

    i would love too have


  5. Brad Dalton

    Do you approve comments on videos. At least i haven’t seen any. Why is this?


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