Speakers: Alexis Findiesen

  • Alexis Findiesen: Modern CSS: You Can do It!

    Alexis Findiesen: Modern CSS: You Can do It!

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Alexis Findiesen

    November 19, 2017 — We’ll talk about some of the more recently-released CSS tools you can use now! In this session, we’ll cover some of the hottest, flashiest, and most problem-solvingest CSS standards, their use cases, syntax, and situations where you shouldn’t use them. Even if some of these are unfamiliar, if you haven’t worked on the front-end in a while, or if you’re new to coding, this session is for you. You don’t need to use JavaScript to create cool animations or columns that automatically fill the space – you can do it all with CSS! We’ll cover browser support and some fallbacks you can use to get you started using these new tools today.

    In this session, you’ll get an intro to:
    CSS Grids
    Pseudo elements (:before, :after, :nth-child)
    Transitions & Animations
    Blend Modes
    Textured Typography
    Browser Support and Graceful Fallbacks for all of the above!

    For some sections of this session, we’ll talk about SCSS mixins. You can also achieve the same results with a little more pure CSS, so while some knowledge of Sass is great, it isn’t necessary. Labeled as “intermediate,” as this session does require a basic knowledge of CSS.