Speakers: Anke Stow

  • Anke Stow: How I used WordPress to launch my side hustle

    WordCamp Johannesburg 2019Speaker: Anke Stow

    November 18, 2019 — A story of learning and failing and learning more and succeeding with building websites, delving into the world of Pay Per Click advertising, and all the analytics that go with it.
    The first time a website went down and how I handled it.
    My first online shop and learning how to build it.
    The world of free vs paid themes and my experiences with it (hint: I am leaning towards free).
    The importance of persistent and consistent action and monitoring in Google Ads campaigns in order to improve their performance.
    Highlighting the fact that I’m not a “web developer” (not even a WordPress developer), but I am still able to teach myself how to fully craft a functional website, and get better and better at it as a “WordPress website creator”. I like to think of myself as a technology consultant. Jack of all trades, Master of some. I also still like my day job and the Microsoft products I work with there, hence not going full time into the side hustle. In fact, I am a proponent of having a full-time gig that funds the majority of my needs, and having side hustles and personal passion projects, as many as I please, purely for the fun of it.
    Lastly, a short checklist of things I do when I first create any WordPress website, including some particular settings I prefer, as well as the few plugins that I install on every single site (Wordfence, YoastSEO).

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