Speakers: Anthony Skelton

  • Anthony Skelton: Rediscover Theme Settings With The Customizer

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Anthony Skelton

    November 2, 2016 — The topic will cover an introduction to working with the WordPress Customizer in Theme Development. It will cover a range of topics to get people going, including:

    Setting up your theme for the Customizer
    Add To / Remove default Customizer Sections
    Add custom Panels, Sections, Settings, and Controls
    Basic and Advanced Control Types
    Output settings on the front end
    4.6 Validate Callbacks
    Tips for workflow and dry coding
    The future of the Customizer
    We’ll also examine the Customizer method properties, including:

    Type: ThemeMod vs Option and why
    Transport: Refresh vs postMessage
    Sanitization: Built in and custom
    Callbacks: WordPress basic and Custom callbacks

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