Speakers: Arun Bansal

  • Arun Bansal: Automating WordPress Workflows from Scratch

    Arun Bansal: Automating WordPress Workflows from Scratch

    WordCamp Bangkok 2019Speaker: Arun Bansal

    July 12, 2019 — Cutting down the manual efforts will increase the productivity by 10X. This session will help you understand what to automate and when’s the best time to automate things. For example, how to trigger an action once the customer has purchased your product?

  • Arun Bansal: WordPress Security Master Plan

    Arun Bansal: WordPress Security Master Plan

    WordCamp Delhi 2017Speaker: Arun Bansal

    June 4, 2018 — This talk will help you understand a “Big Picture” of why and how WordPress websites get hacked and how to secure them. You will come to know about various attack vectors used by hackers and understand fundamentals on how you can easily defend against them.

    You will also get to know about ongoing maintenance required and how you can recover from an Attack.

    Initial Security Setup Checklist
    Maintenance Checklist
    How to Recover from Hack
    Tools & Plugin To Help Secure Your Website