Speakers: Barbara Saul

  • Barbara Saul: Winning at Discovery – Your Scope Creep Defender Checklist

    Barbara Saul: Winning at Discovery – Your Scope Creep Defender Checklist

    WordCamp Manchester 2017Speaker: Barbara Saul

    December 12, 2017 — That phase of any project that, if not pinned down and given the attention it needs, can trip us up big time. Chatting with other small agencies and self-employed WordPress developers and designers, I’ve found we all share experiences of differences between the client’s expectations and what we’ve priced and committed to delivering. If only we knew all the details upfront…

    So for this talk I will gather as many experiences and ideas from as many of us as possible – from one man bands to the larger agencies, developers and designers – we all need to pin down Discovery!

    Discovering just what the client expects and all the things around being able to make that happen. That’s what we want to do.

    The thing is, we all know this. Some include this already in their process and from this they have become successful (surely!!). Each of us has a horror story of the client’s expectations not being met because we did not understand quite what they had in mind; there was a mismatch and the client holds us accountable for that. Or what they want and expect is just not possible on their hosting. Or the client’s data needs significant translation to be usable.

    Being clear at the start is essential. If we do this, document it, get the client to confirm that this document is what they want and understand they’re paying for, then we’re winning and so are they.

  • Barbara Saul: How To Keep Your Clients Happy

    Barbara Saul: How To Keep Your Clients Happy

    WordCamp Brighton 2016Speaker: Barbara Saul

    August 22, 2016 — Exploring the different ways we can keep our clients happy, what tools are available to us to enable this, and some basic ideas to make it simple to have happy customers. Plus what to do with the unhappy customers (other than run away, of course). It is all stuff that we know already but perhaps need reminding of, and putting a system in place so we can get the work done.

    A happy client manual, if you will…