Speakers: Bill Erickson

  • Bill Erickson,Ellen Bauer, Beth Soderberg: Case Studies – How to Prepare your Theme for Gutenberg

    WPBlockTalk April 2020Speakers: Bill Erickson, Beth Soderberg, Ellen Bauer

    April 16, 2020 — “This session begins with three separate case studies – from Bill Erickson, Ellen Bauer, and Beth Soderberg – to help you prepare themes for Gutenberg and concludes in a tremendous panel discussion.

    Bill uses his time at the very beginning to show how to improve content management for clients by applying careful, thoughtful work to your themes. In the second presentation, Ellen talks about important considerations when working on themes that you plan to distribute to others (that is, themes you plan to sell or provide to a large audience for free). Then Beth helps us to build smarter starter themes using better default block styles and support.

    After the presentations, each speaker returns to participate in a panel discussion about the challenges and considerations they couldn’t cover in their separate presentations.”

  • Panel Discussion: Scoping, Contracts, Invoicing, Legal OH MY

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speakers: Bill Erickson, Jared Atchison, Karim Marucchi, Chrissie Scelsi

    July 8, 2015 — Invoicing and dealing with legal contracts can be a scary task when you’re first starting out. However, as you stay longer in business, you learn how to best deal with them. We have invited well-known experts in the industry to share their tips on scoping, contracts, invoicing, and legal.