Speakers: Brendan Woods

  • Brendan Woods and Luke Carbis: The Future of the Web

    Brendan Woods and Luke Carbis: The Future of the Web

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speakers: Brendan Woods, Luke Carbis

    November 26, 2018 — Brendan & Luke are joining us to remind us that we’re living at a time in history when technology is changing at a profound rate, creating deep challenges for companies all over the world. Those with the foresight to adapt will be greatly rewarded, while those who ignore changing technologies will fall behind (aka Blockbuster). Join them and learn about the 4 major areas of change that will fundamentally disrupt the future of the web.

  • Brendan Woods: GDPR, WordPress and You

    Brendan Woods: GDPR, WordPress and You

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speaker: Brendan Woods

    August 17, 2018 — The General Data Protection Regulation presents the greatest overhaul of data laws to Europe in 20 years, however its effect goes beyond the borders of the European Union.

    Not only is the landscape of data law changing, but with data breaches from Equifax and Facebook, it’s now more important than ever that businesses remain careful and trustworthy data stewards.

    This talk will provide an overview of the major changes brought in by the GDPR, what WordPress is changing to allow compliance, and why data privacy is becoming an even greater issue in the minds of consumers.

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