Speakers: Bruce Chamoff

  • Bruce Chamoff: How To Design WordPress Themes To Increase Sales and Convert Visitors Into Customers

    WordCamp Seattle 2019Speaker: Bruce Chamoff

    March 30, 2020 — Most website owners want to make money with their websites by selling more products, getting more paying customers, and branding their businesses more effectively. The problem is that most websites miss great opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers. This session shows how to make simple, but powerful web design changes to our WordPress websites and blogs to engage our customers, subscribers, and repeat visitors. We also learn how to keep people on our websites longer and lower the bounce rate. I reveal the secrets to leveraging Google Analytics’s bounce rate to improve online sales.

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  • Bruce Chamoff: Let’s Convert a Static Bootstrap Website Into a Dynamic WordPress Theme

    WordCamp NYC 2017Speaker: Bruce Chamoff

    February 9, 2018 — Learn to convert a static Twitter Bootstrap website containing only HTML, CSS, and Javascript into a fully functional WordPress theme. We will take the static HTML and CSS from any Bootstrap website and exchange it for code that will interact with WordPress. When finished, our new WordPress theme will contain everything from headers, footers, home page, inner pages, menus, customizer, custom fields, and a custom post type for logos.

  • Bruce Chamoff: Making Plugin Development Easy

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Bruce Chamoff

    January 16, 2017 — Learn the basics and some advanced tricks of WordPress plugin development as we code a new plugin from scratch live in the session. We will also dissect the Hello Dolly plugin and insert our own favorite song lyrics. This session will demonstrate how to create a complete plugin from scratch and make it work with any WordPress site. Topics covered include hooks, content manipulation, some of WordPress’ most powerful APIs that are utilized by plugins. By the time the session has completed, attendees will have the skills to develop plugins from scratch using simple PHP and the WordPress API.

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