Speakers: Chris Muller

  • Chris Muller: The Digital Nomad

    WordCamp Cape Town 2017Speaker: Chris Muller

    February 21, 2018 — The term ‘Digital Nomad’ refers to people who are location independent (nomad) and can still perform their job through the use of technology (digital). That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, today thousands of people agree and practice this modern lifestyle, and it is only trending upwards!

    It’s not difficult to imagine why this has gained such popularity due to the many pros of traveling and working remotely, but it also comes with many challenges. Chris Muller, of Pango, recently experienced the digital nomad lifestyle first-hand while being located in Europe for 2.5 months.

    He is now eager to share insights into this growing global trend, and his experiences/takeaways while being a digital nomad for the first time.