Speakers: Christie Witt

  • Christie Witt: Creating a Canadian Digital Presence for a European Company

    WordCamp Vienna 2020Speaker: Christie Witt

    April 19, 2020 — Learn how I built an online presence for a Serbian technology company so that they could sell their product in the Canadian market. This will include the development of a WordPress microsite to create a Canadian entity. This will cover all steps from understanding the product to executing a local demonstration event in Canada, including: • Strategic Planning Session • Technical Overview of the Product • Competitive Analysis • Website Content Development • Website Design • Social Media Outreach • And more!

  • Christie Witt: Migrating 1,300 websites from HTML to WordPress, a business process case study

    WordCamp Toronto 2018Speaker: Christie Witt

    December 28, 2018 — We migrated 1,300 websites from HTML to WordPress. Learn how I assessed the business processes beforehand, conducted a company-wide process audit and implemented improvements involving the client services, business account managers, sales, finance, marketing and IT teams. I will also discuss how I built the CRM requirements and worked directly with the CRM developers to track and automate reporting of the various website statuses such as cancellations, suspensions, and brand new website build requests. Finally, learn how I would have evaluated the impact of Gutenberg on the migration had it been released prior to the project.
    • How to assess the big picture around website processes • How to work with different teams within a large corporation to educate them on business process updates • How to work with the older generation on selecting website templates for migrations • How a multi-site instance was set up for the migration of 1,300 websites