Speakers: Christopher Lauzon

  • Christopher Lauzon: Users Need Our Help

    Christopher Lauzon: Users Need Our Help

    WordCamp San Antonio 2016Speaker: Christopher Lauzon

    March 11, 2017 — The WordPress Community is one of the most supportive tech community in the world. We help each other through code issues, site problems, ideas for improving the design of the site, and so much more. New WordPress users often struggle to understand how to get help, and confront similar challenges when they start building their site and hosting it.

    Where should they host their site?
    What type of design should they use?
    How do they manage all of their plugins, and which plugins should they use?
    Then what happens when their site goes down?
    How do they ask for help?
    Who do they ask?
    This talk covers these type of topics and covers the life cycle of different types of users. WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms in the world that provides a ton of options. For a new user, or a seasoned user, it can be hard to navigate the WordPress Community. Users Need Our Help.