Speakers: Corey Dodd

  • Corey Dodd: Positioning For Profit

    Corey Dodd: Positioning For Profit

    WordCamp Sydney 2019Speaker: Corey Dodd

    March 19, 2020 — The talk will cover what an ideal customer is and how to work out who that is for you, I will explain what an ideal client avatar is, and how to create one for yourself.

    I will then explain and show how to craft effective messaging (and perhaps even branding) to help you communicate in a way that really speaks clearly to those who you wish to attract most.

    I will touch on niching (common objections and misconception) as you can not talk about positioning for an audience without covering niching.

    As with the above, I will cover why you should consider niching and how to niche based on not only the standard Vertical and Horizontal niches but also based on Psychographics and personality types.

    The benefits of the above helps to attract more leads, convert more leads and charge a premium rate for this.

    I will finishing this up by covering basic pricing principles and how to tie that into your offer and communication to help you charge more by doing the same amount (and level) of work.