Speakers: David Coveney

  • David Coveney: Unlocking Enterprise with WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: David Coveney

    February 25, 2014 — WordPress is used by lots of businesses, and it certainly has a space in the enterprise world. In this talk I explore how WordPress is used by business, in particular those in Europe, and show how the services and culture around large scale WordPress have worked beautifully for the US market but have limited the potential of the platform in other marketplaces. I also find the platform’s weaknesses, and illustrate what we could do as a community to make our favourite CMS a better fit for those large, risky projects that seem to end up going to Drupal or, worse, high cost supposedly enterprise grade content management systems.

  • David Coveney: Can WordPress Save The Publishing Industry?

    WordCamp London 2013Speaker: David Coveney

    January 22, 2014 — The transition to being an online first business is still evading many publishers and making it a challenge to turn traffic into money. So how does a previously print centric publishing industry switch their skills and knowledge towards the digital economy? What are the opportunities that await, and how can WordPress be a part of that?

  • David Coveney – WordPress In Big Media

    WordCamp UK 2010Speaker: David Coveney

    July 17, 2010 — David Coveney presents at WordCamp UK, Manchester 2010, discussing the impact of WordPress on big media