Speakers: David Hilditch

  • David Hilditch: Scaling WooCommerce to 1 Million Products on a Basic Server

    David Hilditch: Scaling WooCommerce to 1 Million Products on a Basic Server

    WordCamp Brighton 2016Speaker: David Hilditch

    August 14, 2016 — I have been working a lot on building WooCommerce stores that scale. I built a server stack and plugins, which combined, deliver phenomenal performance and scalability – catapulting WooCommerce into the leagues of enterprise eCommerce stores.

    I have helped Datafeedr and WP All Import optimise their plugins, and my WooCommerce plugin makes the /shop/ page load in 0.2 seconds compared to the standard 63 seconds for a 45,000 product store.

    I’ll talk about:

    How this level of performance is going to change the market place, making it possible and easy for store owners to massively expand their inventory – particularly through drop-shipping and affiliated products.
    Best practices for selling stock alongside drop-shipped and affiliated products to maximise your store’s revenue and provide a better service for your customers that grows more quickly as a result.
    How I have achieved such levels of code performance, the common performance bottlenecks that exist and how developers can make sure their plugins don’t cause the same mistakes.