Speakers: Destiny Kanno

  • Creating a theme with the Create Block Theme plugin

    Creating a Theme with the Create Block Theme PluginSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    December 22, 2022 — As of this event posting there are 190 Block Themes in the WordPress.org library. As WordPress advances to a more code-less (as in no need to use code) future, the ability to create and design themes is being made simpler and more accessible.

    In this session we will explore how to create your very own theme using the Create Block Theme plugin.

    Target Audience
    Intermediate WordPress users– folks who are familiar with the Site Editor and using Blocks and Block Themes.

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  • Exploring Category Templates and the Query Loop Block

    Exploring Category Templates and the Query Loop BlockSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    December 15, 2022 — With the recent release of WordPress 6.1, Site Editor templates have become even easier to make more your own– unlocking more creativity and flexibility with how your post pages are displayed to the world.

    In Exploring Category Templates and the Query Loop Block we will look at how to create Template pages for specific posts on the site, create a custom design for each template, and walk through editing the query loop block to display the posts differently on each template.

    Target Audience
    Intermediate WordPress users– folks who are familiar with the Site Editor Template system and Blocks.

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  • Demystifying Gutenberg

    Demystifying GutenbergSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    November 22, 2022 — In this session we will discuss the beta Gutenberg plugin, it’s role as WordPress’s “block editor”, and its project that follows a four-phase process that will touch major pieces of WordPress — Editing, Customization, Collaboration, and Multilingual.

    Following the introduction of post block editing in December 2018, Gutenberg later introduced full site editing (FSE) in 2021, which shipped with WordPress 5.9 in early 2022.

    We will also use a local WordPress environment to explore some of the beta capabilities only accessible once the Gutenberg plugin is installed.

    Target Audience
    Folks who manage their WordPress sites and are comfortable with the installation, management and use of plugins.

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  • WordPress 6.1 exploration

    WordPress 6.1 ExplorationSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    November 17, 2022 — WordPress 6.1, Misha, was released on November 1st, 2022 and is jam-packed with many new and exciting features inclusive of:

    – Twenty Twenty-Three theme and variations
    – New templates
    – Better design tools
    – Easier menu management

    In this session we are going to unpack and do a live exploration of some major features which have been released in WordPress 6.1.

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  • WordPress roles and capabilities

    WordPress Roles and CapabilitiesSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    October 21, 2022 — Ever wondered what all of the out of the box WordPress roles were and how to use their capabilities across the site? Wonder no more! This is a foundational WordPress discussion where we will talk through the various roles in WordPress and the capabilities each possess.

    Target Audience
    Beginners, but anyone can benefit!

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  • Block and theme global styles customization

    Block & Theme Global Styles CustomizationSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    September 25, 2022 — Block Themes have introduced more versatility to our site design than ever before. With the highly customizable theme.json file, themes can now hold multiple design styles, giving users flexibility to quickly change their site’s aesthetic. From there, individual blocks can be further customized to a site owner’s design needs.

    In this session we will discuss the global styles feature and explore editing block styles for a personal site.

    Target Audience
    Beginner -> Intermediate

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  • All about reusable blocks

    All About Reusable BlocksSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    September 9, 2022 — I find that reusable blocks tend to be one of the Block Editor’s most slept on feature. There are so many ways that the reusable block can be a part of your every day publishing workflow whether it’s by sharing new recipes, repeating checklists, or templating processes.

    In this session we will discuss when and why to use reusable blocks, how they can boost your website workflow, and share and build some use cases in real time.

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  • A personal site in 1, 2, 3 with patterns

    Online WorkshopSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    September 2, 2022 — The WordPress Block Pattern Directory went live in the WordPress 5.8 release on July 20, 2021. Recently with WordPress 5.9 (released January 25, 2022) bringing Full Site Editing to core WordPress, and WordPress 6.0 (released May 24, 2022) expanding these capabilities, it has never been easier to get your personal site up and running.

    In this session we will go over how to use patterns in the WordPress Block Pattern Directory to quickly set up a personal site.

    Target Audience

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  • Intro to Multisites

    Intro to MultisitesSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    August 18, 2022 — Details

    In this introductory session to WordPress multisite, we will discuss what a multisite is, when and why to use a multisite network, and answer any questions folks may have about using WordPress multisite.

    Time permitting, we will also review how the backend of a WordPress multisite network looks together.

    Target Audience

    Beginner-Intermediate; folks with experience setting up a WordPress website before and those who may or may not have set up a multisite.

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  • Power Up With Free Wireframe Templates And Advanced Blocks

    Speakers: Maestro Stevens, Destiny Kanno

    July 20, 2022 — NO MO SLOW FLO!

    Are you looking for an easier way to speed up your web page production workflow?

    I will teach you how to use free wireframes and advanced blocks in WordPress to create stunning, mobile-ready, fast pages with ease.

    Ohh…Yea, I said mobile-ready, my friends!

    If you’re not familiar, you can think of wireframes as templates (or layout sketches) without any styling and advanced blocks as 3rd party Gutenberg blocks on steroids.

    Wireframes allow you to easily integrate your own branding and advanced blocks give you page builder functionality without all the page builder bloat.

    You know this means war…. On speed optimization and caching plugins that is, lol.

    Whether you’re just starting out or already have some steak and potatoes in the game, this presentation is right for you!

    Target Audience
    -Template or Wireframe Lovers
    -Block Editor Users
    -3rd Party Blocks Advocates

    -Beginner – Intermediate

    Primary Demo Tools
    -Kadence Theme
    -Kadence Blocks

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