Speakers: Dinesh Jain

  • Dinesh Jain: OSCAR – Methadology To Manage WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Nasik 2016Speaker: Dinesh Jain

    June 22, 2017 — Lightening Talk
    This talk covers a complete life cycle of a WordPress Digital projects. Following are the key bullet points:
    Why Project Management Methodology is essential for a WordPress project
    Existing Methodologies and hindrances caused.
    Understanding each phase of OSCAR methodology:
    Building a Baseline
    Understanding “Why”
    Defining “What”
    Defining “How”
    User Experience and Interface
    Code Wrangling
    Content Development
    Marketing and Sales Automation Engine
    Performance Measurement
    Performance Analysis
    Update based on performance measurements and analysis
    Implement Product Roadmap Features
    Follow Content Calendar For Content Development
    Tools for each phase of OSCAR methodology
    Advantages and Derivatives of using OSCAR for Freelancers and Agencies.

    How it will help the audience:
    Non-Technical (Business Owners, Business Analytics, Business Development Managers)
    Technical (Developers, Freelancers)