Speakers: D’nelle Dowis

  • D’nelle Dowis: Finding Your Forever Home Page aka How to relax, listen, and wag your tail towards a happy relations

    WordCamp Albuquerque 2018Speaker: D’nelle Dowis

    February 18, 2018 — WordPress can do so many things – amplify your voice, sell your widgets, transform leads into customers… the list goes on. What WordPress can’t do is build, grow, or maintain itself. That’s why you hired a developer, right? Finding the right developer or agency to help you realize your website dreams is no easy feat. How do you tell the difference between “good” and “bad” developers when you’re not speaking the same language? If you’ve ever: worried that your developer would take down your site if you complain; had a project last for 3+ months more than you originally expected; sent the same question to your developer multiple times without getting a straight answer; been abandoned once a project is over, the You need a better strategy for choosing a development partner or rehabilitating your relationship with your existing developer. Her talk will cover strategies for choosing a development partner or fixing an existing dysfunctional relationship, supported by lots of cute animal gifs and practical tips for finding your Forever Home and keeping your developer happy.

    Target audience: WordPress website owners who outsource some or all site development & support.

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  • Panel Discussion: Business Town Hall

    WordCamp Denver 2016Speakers: Miles Kailburn, Vi Wickam, D’nelle Dowis

    November 10, 2016 — Knowing how to build a site with PHP & CSS is very helpful when it comes to building a site for clients. But it isn’t the only thing you need.

    Knowing how to get clients, how to manage clients, how much to charge them, and how to get them to recommend you to other clients are things that every business owner should know.

  • D’nelle Dowis: Intermediate Intro To WordPress: Images, Widgets, Themes

    WordCamp Nashville 2013Speaker: D’nelle Dowis

    December 22, 2013 — This talk walks through some basic customizations like uploading images and galleries through the new Media Manager, using widget areas to publish all kinds of content, how to install and customize a theme.and ending with a discussion on how to choose a theme that’s right for you.

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