Speakers: Donna Botti

  • Donna Botti: Managing Your WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Philadelphia 2018Speaker: Donna Botti

    December 5, 2018 — You may have started your business because you valued the freedom and independence, but do you find your time is not your own? Clients who don’t meet their deadlines; software, themes and plugins that change the way they work (or break) on their schedule not yours; and generally fighting the fire of the day mean you won’t be as successful as you want.

    In this talk learn some tips to make your WordPress design and development projects, and your business in general, run more smoothly so you can pursue what matters to you. The platforms, tools and processes you use and how you structure a project can make a difference. Regain your independence!

  • Donna Botti: Schema.org, Microdata And JSON-LD, Oh My!

    WordCamp Lehigh Valley 2017Speaker: Donna Botti

    October 17, 2017 — What is the schema.org structured markup and how does it impact search results, especially as the prevalence of voice search and devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home increases? How do you use this in a WordPress website? Learn the current recommended practices and pitfalls to watch out for.