Speakers: Elio Rivero

  • Panel: Growing beyond Gutenberg. From block-based editing to site administration

    WordCamp Europe 2019Speakers: Felix Arntz, Kåre Steffensen, Mark Uraine, Elio Rivero, Tom J Nowell

    September 5, 2019 — WordPress success is the success of our community, and currently, WordPress is going beyond its own barriers and limits. The Gutenberg project is transforming WordPress into an even more powerful editing tool that will change our idea of modern day web editors.

    Whether you are familiar Gutenberg or not, this discussion panel moderated by Hannah Smith will let you know the different phases of the project and you’ll find out first hand from the experts the latest Gutenberg news and updates. Join us to find out more!

    Hosted by Hannah Smith

    – Elio Rivero
    – Mark Uraine
    – Kåre Steffensen
    – Felix Arntz
    – Tom Nowell

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  • Elio Rivero: Creating a Gutenberg block

    WordCamp Portland ME 2018Speaker: Elio Rivero

    February 2, 2019 — Gutenberg is making waves in the WordPress community and changing how we compose content forever. So what’s the essential new stuff that Gutenberg brings to content authoring? We’ll focus on the block–the brick that builds our content–and will learn how to build a nifty Gutenberg block from scratch to offer our customers an easy and predictable way to compose their content.

  • Elio Rivero: Cómo implemento Jetpack el REST API usando React y Redux.

    WordCamp San José 2016Speaker: Elio Rivero

    July 8, 2017 — Esta presentación será sobre la implementación de la REST API en un caso real y de gran alcance como lo es Jetpack y las cosas que tuvieron que tener en cuenta para ello, como también para la elección de React y Redux.

    This presentation will go through the implementation of the REST API in a real case with a wide scope such as Jetpack, and the things that were taken into consideration for it, as well as for choosing React and Redux.