Speakers: Elliot Taylor

  • Elliot Taylor: Building scalable enterprise applications with WordPress

    WordCamp London 2018Speaker: Elliot Taylor

    January 4, 2019 — I’m going to show how we can improve our code using skills from the wider PHP world. I’d like to shatter the idea that enterprise applications and WordPress don’t mix. WordPress can be a great platform to build enterprise applications.

    The end result, a code base that is lean and scalable. A process that lets you bring on more developers as required. In particular, I will be discussing how to separate theme development from application development, the elegance of using MVC (Model, View, Controller), taming URL rewriting and embracing custom database tables.

    Ultimately this lets developers pitch for larger projects using the skills they already have.

  • Elliot Taylor: Ten Clangers I Learnt While Building My WordPress Startup

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Elliot Taylor

    September 20, 2018 — I’m on my second product built with WordPress. The first one didn’t go to plan. I’m not writing this from a beach in the Caribbean. But I’m giving it another shot and I’ve learnt a huge amount about how to approach building products with WordPress. In this talk I’m going to describe the easy pitfalls you can fall into, how to avoid them and build a successful WordPress product business.

  • Elliot Taylor, Dave Green, Philip John: Lightning Session

    WordCamp London 2016Speakers: Elliot Taylor, Dave Green, Philip John

    June 5, 2016 — Why switching to WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better developer by Dave Green

    WordPress Coding Standards have been around for a while, yet many developers don’t write code with them, let alone know they exist. This was the case with me until September 2015 when I made the switch, and now I wish I’d dived in earlier! In this talk I’ll explain what they are, how they will help you write better, cleaner and more secure PHP code and why you should be using them for all WordPress projects.

    See the slides for Dave Green’s Talk Why Switching WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better Developer

    Be a better developer with code review by Philip John

    Code review may sound boring – as developers we want to *write* code, not read someone else’s. But if there’s one thing we must do as developers it’s continually learn, and code review is one of the best ways to do that. This talk will help you improve as a developer by talking about code review, what it is, and how it can improve the security, scalability and readability of your code.

    Building a SaaS product in WordPress by Elliot Taylor

    Last year Elliot put his focus from his agency business onto developing his product business YoGrow. The talk will discuss some of the benefits of moving to a product business and how YoGrow uses WordPress and WooCommerce as a foundation.