Speakers: Imran Sayed

  • Imran Sayed: Why Progressive Web App for WordPress?

    WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019Speaker: Imran Sayed

    January 10, 2020 — Imran is a WordCamp Speaker, MeetUp Organizer, Translation Contributor, Plugin and Theme Developer currently associated with rtCamp. He also has experience in Node, React and Laravel. Imran is the author of the popular twenty nineteen WordPress theme ported over to Frontity in React.

    His session will guide us to:
    Progressive Web App is a hot topic on the web right now.As per recent studies ( Comscore ), users spend more time ( 87% ) on the native app compared to the mobile web because native apps are more predictable, they work offline, show notifications and have access to mobile sensors.

  • Imran Sayed: Custom Gutenberg Block development with React

    WordCamp Nagpur 2019Speaker: Imran Sayed

    September 15, 2019 — Gutenberg is a new block editor introduced in WordPress. Blocks are the components of Gutenberg. Blocks are simply reusable easy to use components. In this session, Imran demonstrates how to write custom Gutenberg blocks with the help of available tools while explaining the States and attributes of the block and other concepts of Gutenberg block.

  • Imran Sayed: Introduction to Gutenberg

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Imran Sayed

    June 25, 2019 — Imran is going to tell you about Gutenberg, how it can help you build rich and engaging content, and the technologies that Gutenberg uses to simplify content creation. He will also share his experience of how he created his first custom block and will help you write a simple plugin for your own custom block.

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