Chandra Patel, Imran Sayed: Improving Your Debugging Skills In WordPress.

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May 10, 2020

In a world increasingly run by software, failures can be caused by bugs.
Failure to find and fix bugs quickly has a financial, personal and reputational cost to an organisation. It can impact on product delivery time as well.

A large portion of developer’s time is spent in debugging.
However, when was the last time we worked on improving our debugging skills?
This is one of the rarely discussed topics.

This meetup talks about improving our debugging skills, that can help us make it simpler to quickly find and fix critical bugs, so that we can deliver to ever-shortening deadlines and boosts overall productivity.

This online free meetup will cover:
1. Common challenges and misconceptions of developers when debugging.
2. Thinking in the right direction for quick fixes.
3. Tips on debugging WordPress backend and front-end.
4. Can exploring WordPress core help in debugging?
5. Is manual debugging better?
6. Real world examples

Chandra and Imran will also share their experience and best practices, when debugging.

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